TeleOBGYN course in collaboration with Educast Pakistan.

This is a unique course in two ways:

educating telehealth

The penultimate purpose to bring this course to developing world and especially to Pakistan is to equip the frontline practitioners to facilitate evidence based effective clinical management of common women’s health related issues for betterment of their health and well- being.


The course also aims to increase the knowledge base regarding:


  1. Basic tele technology for clinicians using it
  1. Health ecosystems and telehealth within them
  1. Communication & Collaborations for telehealth networks

The intended Learning Objectives

 After successful completion of the course, the learner would be able to:

  1. Demonstrate situation awareness of OBGYN conditions covered in the course curriculum.
  1. Critically evaluate the common differentials for the presentations
  1. Use telemedicine technology appropriately to take a focused & relevant history
  1. Adequately extract meaningful facts in signs & symptoms using remote technology to facilitate decision making
  1. Formulate an evidence-based management plan with a safety net around patient care

    We provide relevant and affordable learning resources to the healthcare workforce for professional development & patient safety.

This course has been made as a basic Telehealth in OBGYN foundation course.

It has 20 CME points accredited by the SOGP Society of Obstetricians & Gynecologists Pakistan.

You will get 20 CME certificate from MedRet Academy which is a UK based organization.

We are in talks with an US based organization to get CME for USA and Canada based doctors but do not have accreditation as yet .

The benefits for anyone is that we have covered what is an expected standard of core competencies and communication skills for any post graduate exam or interview .

If you are looking to get experience in how the post grad exams and internships will expect you to think and communicate then this course has benefits .

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